Xoom identifier

An Xoom identifier is a string that represents the Xoom identity of an item, used especially in XoomXML. Xoom identifiers follow a consistent format.

In cases where the type defines a single key (always Name), the format is: Type[Name].

In cases where the type defines multiple keys, these are separated by vertical bars. For example: Type[Owner|Category|Subcategory|Name].

Here are examples of both kinds:
Xoom identifiers in detail

In the first example, the item is of type Region, which is defined by a single key, Name. Hence, the ID string possesses a single identifier, which in this instance happens to be [London]. This yields: Region[London].

In the second, the item is of type Setting, which is defined by four keys, Owner | Category | Subcategory | Name, which gives: Setting[[Application]|Logic Domains|Standard|]. Note that even though Name is unspecified, the final vertical bar is required to indicate an empty placeholder.