Enables the automatic detection of Collection renames.

Takes values


As Service Optimization installation moves through its life cycle, Collections are sometimes renamed for archival purposes, or in the process of an upgrade. What was previously a customisation also sometimes becomes a product feature (Service Optimization typically prefixes such Collection with 'User_').

Xoom can now automatically detect such renames under a limited set of circumstances where it is safe to do so. Detection of renames will be successful if:
  • the two Collections have the same ID.
  • their names are related so that either the old name is a subset of the new name, or vice versa (for example, 'User_BundlerPolicy' and 'BundlerPolicy').
  • there are no other Collections in the system with the new name (which would cause a name clash and database corruption)
  • the two collections are structurally identical.
By default, this behaviour is enabled.