Extract Components report

The Extract Components report shows which logic components are referenced by which settings.

The report is especially useful for keeping track of custom logic components. The report produces HTML. Extract Components The report shows:
The component used, specified by ProgID or by file name as appropriate.
The items that reference each logic component, identified by their Xoom identity. For example Setting[[Application]|Events|W6BFEngineer|] (above, highlighted in red). The relative path to where the component is referenced within the item is also given. For example /Body/Events/Event/@Type (above, highlighted in blue).
Note: this is not a full XPath, although it can also be used to find the reference. It is rather a functional shorthand to show the context in which the component is used.

If we look at the corresponding part of XoomXML, we can see that the component W6BCServerEventsLib.EmailValidation,W6BCServerEventsLib is indeed referenced by Setting[[Application]|Events|W6BFEngineer|] at /Body/Events/Event/@Type:
Components in XoomXML