Scheme Customisations Summary report

The Scheme Customisations Summary report produces a CSV file summarising the number of user-defined Properties by Collection.

The report gives one measure of the complexity of configuration and is useful, for example, in upgrade scenarios. It has to be run from Xoom Processor. The results can be viewed in any spreadsheet application. To use the report, run the following example, modifying the parameters as appropriate.

Scheme Customisations summary report
The report lists:
Name of the Collection.
The type of Collection: Dictionary, Business object, Aggregate, or Resource.
1 or 0, where 1 indicates a custom Collection.
The total number of Properties (including product and custom).
Product Properties
The number of product Properties.
Custom Properties
The number of custom Properties.
The number of single-value Properties.
The number of multi-value Properties.
Product multi-values
The number of multi-value product Properties.
Custom multi-values
The number of multi-value custom Properties.