Configure the behaviour of Xoom

Configure the behaviour of Xoom server by adjusting the Xoom parameters. These are contained in a file XoomParams.xml, installed as part of a typical Xoom server installation. Parameters can be changed directly, by altering and saving the XML file, or from the command line using Xoom Toolkit. Changing the password of Service Optimization credentials can only be done from the command line. Xoom service must be restarted following any parameter changes.

Note: Changing some Xoom parameters can have profound consequences on the managed system. We therefore suggest this is undertaken by advanced users only.
  1. Open XoomParams.xml in a suitable editor such as Notepad++ or Oxygen XML Editor.
    XoomParams.xml is typically located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Zany Ants\Xoom .
  2. Change the value of the required parameter.
    Here is an extract from XoomParams.xml. To change, say, DetectCollectionRenames, simply change the content of the <xm:parameter name="DetectCollectionRenames"> element from true to false.
          <xm:parameter name="Scheme">
            <xm:parameter name="AllowKeyCollectionUpdates">false</xm:parameter>
            <xm:parameter name="CreateProductCollections">true</xm:parameter>
            <xm:parameter name="DetectCollectionRenames">true</xm:parameter>
            <xm:parameter name="DetectAttributeCollectionRenames">true</xm:parameter>
            <xm:parameter name="DetectAttributeRenames">true</xm:parameter>
            <xm:parameter name="EnableProductAttributeDeletion">false</xm:parameter>
            <xm:parameter name="EnableProductAttributeRenames">false</xm:parameter>
            <xm:parameter name="IncludeDebugInformationInRepresentation">false</xm:parameter>
            <xm:parameter name="EnableV800Support">true</xm:parameter>
  3. Restart Xoom service.