Scheme and Object changes

The analysis of configuration occurs in two stages.

  1. First, Xoom looks at the Scheme and SXP Object Reference.

    Scheme defines the Collections and Dictionaries that exist in configuration, and the Properties and Indexes that Objects have. It is normally accessible via the Service Optimization Structure Tool. Scheme changes have to be deployed first so that Xoom can compare like with like.

    Xoom uses SXP Object Reference to identify Objects in an environment-independent way. Changes to SXP Object Reference need likewise to be deployed before Object changes, so that the latter can be correctly identified. SXP Object Reference is normally accessible via the Service Optimization Remote Administration Tool under Central Settings > Integration & Services > SXP Object Reference.

  2. If no Scheme changes have been identified, or if the user has chosen to ignore them, Xoom analyses the Objects that comprise configuration.