Xoom Console

Xoom Console is used for non-interactive configuration retrieval and non-interactive deployment of saved and tested XoomXML files. It provides the simplest and quickest means of transporting configuration provided by Xoom.

Xoom Console retrieves configuration from a managed system using named queries. It lets you deploy XoomXML files to a managed system. These files should be well-tested and verified as Xoom Console does not give you the means to review changes before deploying them. Configuration changes can be deployed to more than one system. The most common use cases for Xoom Console are:

The main Xoom Console user interface with annotations.

Who's it for?

Xoom Console is designed for users with a basic understanding of Xoom, and for straightforward situations where speed is required, say for support purposes or to test functionality. It's also useful for deploying verified configuration changes to a number of environments.


For interactive control over the selection of items, use Settings Migration Tool. For fully automated retrieval and deployment, use Xoom Processor.