Install and run Xoom Corpus Generator

Xoom Corpus Generator is run from the command line.

  1. Choose a representative Service Optimization environment and unzip the tool in any folder. The password is xcg.
    A representative environment doesn't have to be a production environment, nor does it have to contain every instance of every Object. However, it should contain all different kinds of Settings and Objects that are in use.
  2. At a command prompt, change directory to the Xoom Corpus Generator folder.
  3. At a command prompt, type the following: XoomCorpusGenerator.exe XoomCorpus
    The parameter is required to specify the path to the folder where the corpus will be stored, in this case XoomCorpus. If the folder already exists, it must be empty, otherwise an error message will appear and the process will be aborted.
  4. When requested, type in the credentials to connect to Service Optimization.
  5. Once the corpus has been generated, zip and encrypt it, and email to Zany Ants.
    The corpus will then be used to generate the demo.