Folder structure

The structure of a Xoom folder reflects the structure of XoomXML.

In the following screenshots, in the windows on the lefthand side, we see XoomXML retrieved using the DEFAULT named query. On the right, we see the results of the DEFAULT named query saved as a Xoom folder. Notice how the folder structure has parity with the structure of XoomXML. The root folder can have any name, as can the root element of the XoomXML document. In this example they are default and Get, respectively. Folders under the root have the same names as elements under the root XML element in XoomXML, for example Scheme below.
Screenshot showing folder structure, root level.

Each of these folders contains a further folder containing all items of the same type. The name of the folder is the same as the name of the element name of the items of that type. With Service Optimization there is always only one such folder.Screenshot showing folder structure, next level.Finally, these folders contain a separate XoomXML file for each item.Screenshot showing item files.