XSLT support

In order to perform XSLT transformations, Xoom Processor uses Microsoft .NET XSLT 1.0 processor with EXSLT extensions and certain optional features.

XSLT parameters

Due to the command line nature of Xoom Processor, only string parameters are supported. Their use, with examples, is documented in the transform section of the Xoom Processor syntax documentation.

document() function

The document() function is an optional feature of the XSLT processor, and is enabled in Xoom Processor. It is used to load external XML documents into an XSLT stylesheet, allowing it to combine the information from multiple XML documents during the transformation. This enables a new type of report where external XML documents can be referenced, such as for example Service Optimization reference configurations in the process of the configuration upgrade.


The basic functionality of the .NET class XslCompiledTransform, which is the main workhorse for performing XSLT transformations, is extended in Xoom Processor with the library Mvp.Xml, which implements a subset of EXSLT extensions to XSLT 1.0 standard. These extensions make XSLT 1.0 much more expressive, and enable the implementation of transformations that would be very hard to achieve without them. For example, regular expressions or set operations do not exist in standard XSLT, yet are used to great advantage in Xoom out-of-the-box reports, and can also be used in custom reports and transformations.