Xoom Rename Helper

Use this command line tool to generate the files you need to rename items in a systematic and targeted manner.

Xoom Rename Helper updates the names of the items in question, and their dependencies to avoid bad references. All changes can be undone. The use of Xoom Rename Helper requires familiarity with the format of Xoom identities.

What constitutes a rename?

A rename is a change to the identifying information of an item. In Service Optimization that means anything that's part of an item's identification in the SXP Object Reference definition.

For example, imagine a configuration in which District uses the property SAPCode as its sole identifier. Changing a district's Name property, or any other property apart from SAPCode, would not constitute a rename: it consists, rather, a data change. Only a change to a district's SAPCode would count as a rename and require the use of the tool.

By contrast, Setting defines four identifying properties: Owner, Category, SubCategory and Name. If any of these change you would need to use the tool. So, for example, renaming a Decomposition will result in a SubCategory being modified. Since SubCategory is an identifying property of the Decomposition's Collection Setting, this rename would require the tool.