Xoom Rename Helper: example

In this example we work through the necessary steps to change the names of two Settings, Setting[[Application]|Agent|Schedule|Night BGO (1-3) - Castle Rock] and Setting[[Application]|Agent|Schedule|Night Optimization (1-3) - Castle Rock].

  1. Check to see if you need to use Xoom Rename Helper.

    If we look up Setting in Object Reference in the Service Optimization Remote Administration Tool, we can see that Setting is defined by four properties: Owner, Category, SubCategory, Name.

    Figure 1. Setting definition in Object ReferenceSetting definition in Object Reference

    So changing the items' names does constitute a rename and requires the use of Xoom Rename Helper.

  2. Check whether these Settings belong to Subset types.

    To find out whether our two Settings belong to subset types we generate the XR_References Report using Xoom Explorer. If we locate the Settings in the report, we find that both have two Xoom identities. Thus they do belong to subset types and so each Xoom identity will have to be renamed.

    Figure 2. From its entry in the References Report we can see that the Setting Setting[[Application]|Agent|Schedule|Night BGO (1-3) - Castle Rock]belongs to a Subset typeFrom its entry in the References Report we can see that the Setting belongs to a Subset type
  3. Write and save a Rename file
    In a text or XML editor we write the following XML. When saved, this will constitute the <rename> file. Note that for each Setting, we include both Xoom identities, as located in step 2.
        <From>Setting[[Application]|Agent|Schedule|Night BGO (1 - 3) - Castle Rock]</From>
        <To>Setting[[Application]|Agent|Schedule|Night BGO (1 - 3) - Casterly Rock]</To>
        <From>Agent[Night BGO (1 - 3) - Castle Rock]</From>
        <To>Agent[Night BGO (1 - 3) - Casterly Rock]</To>
        <From>Setting[[Application]|Background Optimization|Night Optimization (1 - 3) - Castle Rock|]</From>
        <To>Setting[[Application]|Background Optimization|Night Optimization (1 - 3) - Casterly Rock|]</To>
        <From>Background Optimization[Night Optimization (1 - 3) - Castle Rock]</From>
        <To>Background Optimization[Night Optimization (1 - 3) - Casterly Rock]</To>
  4. Retrieve and save the All named query using Xoom Explorer.
    This will constitute the <xoom file>.
  5. Run Xoom Rename Helper from the command line, making sure to specify all required parameters.
    The grammar is: XoomRenameHelper <xoom file> <rename file> [<sxp out file>] [<sxp undo out file>] [<xoom set out file>].

    For peace of mind, you might want first to load <xoom set out file> into Settings Migration Tool to check you will not be introducing any bad references.

  6. Send the <sxp out file> using the Xoom Processor.
    The grammar is: xp <sxp out file> ServerName::SendSxp [<sxp response file>]
  7. Deploy the <xoom set out file> using Settings Migration Tool or Xoom Processor.
    Should you wish to check that the rename has proceeded as planned, run the XR_References Report using Xoom Explorer, then search for the old Settings' names. If all is well, the search will yield no hits.