Building blocks

There are five building blocks: the repository; the working copy; the configuration file; the versioning script; and the Windows scheduled task.


The repository is where successive versions of the configuration snapshot will be stored. The repository can be local or central (departmental, divisional, corporate).

We recommend you determine your directory structure and naming convention for XoomXML files in advance. Do so in such a way as to allow for easy comparison of equivalent queries from different servers. For example, you could use the following directory structure:

Configurations                    <-- This is the root for configuration versioning
  Server1                         <-- This is the name of the first Xoom server
    All                           <-- Contains the internal Service Optimization configuration
    Reports                       <-- Contains reports that are produced with each revision
    Service Optimization Files    <-- Contains the Service Optimization installation files
  Server2                         <-- The same structure for the second Xoom server
    Service Optimization Files

Working copy

The local folder(s) on the Xoom client machine on which the versioning script will be run. If one does not already exist, with suitable configuration a working copy can be created automatically when the script is run. It can then be used to view the history of configuration on each Xoom server and to compare configuration from different Xoom servers.

Configuration file for the Xoom versioning script

This defines what named queries will be retrieved, what transformations (including reports) will be performed, and where and how the results will be stored. During normal installation the file is placed into the main Xoom folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Zany Ants\Xoom \Store-ConfigInRCS.xml.

Xoom versioning script

The versioning script requires Windows PowerShell. It retrieves configuration and stores it via the revision control system when something has changed. It can be run manually or through a scheduled task. As part of Xoom installation the script is placed into the main Xoom folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Zany Ants\Xoom \Store-ConfigInRCS.ps1.

Windows scheduled task

The Windows scheduled task runs the versioning script at set intervals.