Add a custom report

Xoom Reporting is easily extensible.

All reports and transformations in Xoom are XSL transformations. If you wish to add your own custom report, create an XSL transformation file with appropriate functionality and copy it to the reports folder, typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Zany Ants\Xoom\Reports. If you are using Xoom Explorer, restart it to refresh the Transformations list. The new custom report will now appear alongside standard reports.

Reports and transformations that come as part of the product are stored as XSL files and can easily be used as templates for custom reports. In order to create a variation of an existing report, simply copy its file, make the changes you need to the copy, and save it with a descriptive name.

As the reports listed by Xoom Explorer are read from the local file system, be sure to copy the custom report to every Xoom client machine from which you wish to use it. Xoom Processor is not subject to this limitation, as it can use any accessible file.