Structure report

The Structure Report lists all Collections and all configurations in the Scheme, together with Custom Collections and User-Defined Properties, with their definitions.

The report generates HTML. Navigate using the Contents menu. Click a listing to view it in the body of the report.

Click a Collection in the Contents Menu to view it


ID, Collection type, and storage type are listed for each Collection, together with their Property definitions.

Details of the Structure report

If the Collection has an Object Reference, it will be shown. This is an extremely useful way to determine missing Object References.
If a Collection has an Object Reference it will be listed
Any errors to do with Object Reference entries are reported.
The Structure report reports any errors with Object Reference


All configurations are listed, together with their Collection type; storage type; convertor ProgID and Property definitions.
Structure report configurations

Custom Collections and User Settings

Custom Collections and User Settings are listed at the bottom of the report, with the same information as appears in the Scheme Customisations report.
Custom Collections and User Settings in the Structure report