Xoom time-outs are configured in standard .Net configuration files.

Time-outs for Xoom client tools are configured in ZanyAnts.Xoom.Wcf.Client.config, and for Xoom server in ZanyAnts.Xoom.Wcf.Server.config. Both are located in the Xoom folder, typically here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Zany Ants\Xoom .

Xoom client operations time out after one hour. Xoom server operations continue until they are complete. This behaviour is set by the attribute transactionFlow which is set to false.

A situation can occur where Settings Migration Tool times out during a deployment before a large deployment is complete (we are unable to address this issue as the underlying Service Optimization API doesn't provide feedback while changes are being made). In this instance Xoom server will continue until the deployment has finished. Follow the progress of the deployment using Event Viewer: once it has finished, simply restart Settings Migration Tool and continue.