Separate concerns so that teams can work independently on different parts of configuration

To separate concerns in this way, customise a set of named queries to retrieve non-overlapping subsets of configuration.

Separate concerns

With the exception of Settings Migration Tool, Xoom client tools retrieve subsets of configuration using named queries. If you create a set of named queries that retrieve non-overlapping subsets of configuration, then it becomes possible to have different teams working concurrently and independently on separate parts of the same configuration. When changes are ready, they can either be deployed individually, without affecting the other parts of the system, or integrated and deployed together (recommended).

  1. Create a custom named query for each team.
    Each named query should be set to retrieve a non-overlapping subset of configuration. For details of how to create a custom named query, click here. Alternatively, Zany Ants can provide this service.
  2. Each team should retrieve configuration using their designated custom query.
  3. When teams are ready to deploy changes, use the non-overlapping combine operator in Xoom Processor to combine all changes into one XoomXML file.
    Though changes can be deployed by each team individually, we recommend combining all changes as described. The non-overlapping combine operator joins together two XoomXML files and throws an exception if items appear in both files. This acts as safety check, maintaining separation of concerns.
  4. Deploy changes.