Which Xoom client tool should I use to transport configuration?

Xoom Console, Settings Migration Tool and Xoom Processor all allow you to transport configuration, but as each is tailored for different tasks, you should match the tool to your requirements.

I want to deploy configuration quickly

For ordinary users, Xoom Console provides the simplest and quickest means of deploying configuration; power users might prefer to work from the command line with Xoom Processor. Neither tool is interactive, hence you should make sure that files and patches are well-tested and known to work before deploying them.

I want to review configuration changes before deploying them

Use Settings Migration Tool. Configuration loaded from XoomXML is automatically compared with configuration in the managed system. This enables you to review changes and dependencies before deploying them. Select the items and dependencies you want to deploy.

I want to automate transportation

Use Xoom Processor and automate the process by writing a script.