Deploy selected items

Once you are happy with your selection of items you are ready to start the deployment.

Click the Deploy button (1) to start the deployment.
Xoom checks for both bad references, and dependencies that have not been included in the deployment.

If any of the selected items contain bad references a Bad references dialog box appears giving users the option of aborting the deployment.
A dialog appears if bad references are discovered

If any of the selected items in the current Items View depend on items that haven't been selected or are not themselves in the current Items View, a dialog box appears. It lists these dependencies and prompts users to include them in the deployment (deployment without dependencies will cause bad references in the database).
Deploy Dependencies Dialog

Finally the deployment begins. Xoom performs all the necessary actions automatically, including locking all application servers connected to the database when there are Scheme changes, and unlocking them after the changes have been successfully deployed. The User Interface is disabled for the duration of the deployment.
Deployment Progress Bar

Settings Migration Tool displays what is happening during deployment. It shows: the stage of the deployment (in the Status bar); a progress bar showing progress within each stage; any errors and warnings (in the Log pane).