Load a XoomXML file

Having specified a XoomXML file, load it into Settings Migration Tool where it will be compared with live configuration.

Load a XoomXML file
Click Load (1).
  1. Settings Migration Tool loads the XoomXML file into memory and sends it to the Xoom server for analysis (see the Status bar highlighted in red).
  2. A new session is created on the Xoom server. This is to ensure that the subsequent analysis uses the most up-to-date live configuration.
  3. Xoom server retrieves the equivalent subset of configuration from Service Optimization.
  4. Xoom server compares the loaded XoomXML file with retrieved configuration. Only substantive changes are considered. Irrelevant or environment-specific parts of configuration (for example, Object Keys or UDP IDs), are ignored.
  5. Differences between XoomXML and live configuration are analysed and returned to Settings Migration Tool, where they can be processed by the user.