Select items to save

To save items, first make a selection from the Tree view pane.

Include items by selecting them in the Tree View pane
Include an item by selecting its check box. Check boxes are found to the left of item names (highlighted in green).
Selecting a category node's check box will select all its sub-categories and their individual items (highlighted in blue). Conversely, deselecting a category's check box deselects all its contents. Category check boxes display the extent to which their contents have been selected.
  • If all items within a category have been selected, the category's check box will appear selected as well.
  • If only some items have been selected, the category's check box will show a small square (highlighted in red).
  • If no items have been selected, or if you deselect all items, the category's check box appears unchecked.
Use the All (1) and None (2) buttons to select or deselect all items in the current configuration tree (which may be filtered by Search terms). If the selected item is located under two or more categories, then the appropriate check boxes will automatically be coordinated. For example, select any individual Rule and the All Rules category gets partially checked with a small square.