Explore XML with an XPath expression

Explore the untransformed XML using XPath expressions.

Explore the data with XPath expressions

Type an XPath expression in the XPath box (highlighted in blue, above). As soon as you start typing, the display in the Results Pane reverts to the original XML – that is, any transformations from reports are undone. The XPath box changes colour according to the validity of the XPath expression. The XPath expression in the screenshot locates the names of all items with bad references: //* [ contains( @xoom:ref, '!!BadRef!!' ) ] / ancestor::* / @xoom:id. (We have included this as an example of the power that is available to expert users with XPath expressions. You could, of course, simply locate all bad references using the Bad References report.)

The results of an XPath expression can be saved by pressing the Save button.