Custom command

This operation instructs Xoom Processor to trigger a Xoom custom command.

Railroad diagram for grammar entity CustomCommand in Xoom Processor.

         ::= ServerName? ( '::SendSxp' | '::GetCustomQuery' )

ServerName defaults to localhost.


To send the buffer as an SXP message to the Service Optimization server managed by Xoom, use the custom command SendSxp. The SXP response is placed into the buffer after the call.


To retrieve a custom query from Xoom use the built-in custom command GetCustomQuery. The command takes a skeleton structure as its input and fills in the details using Xoom, exactly as though the skeleton were the body of a named query. As with defined named queries, the structure of the custom query must parallel the structure of XoomXML. It is best explained by example.

GetCustomQuery custom command

In this example we want to retrieve a custom query that contains a subset of ClickSchedule logic configuration. This will contain all:

First, create the skeleton query as follows, and save it as LogicQuery.xml. The root element can have any name provided the structure of the skeleton query matches that of XoomXML.
      <Category>Background Optimization</Category>
      <Category>Logic Domains</Category>
To retrieve the query from the Xoom server with hostname svr1, saving the results as LogicQueryResults.xml, type the following command:
xp LogicQuery.xml svr1::GetCustomQuery LogicQueryResults.xml