This operation causes the buffer to be deployed to a Xoom server.

Railroad diagram for grammar entity Deploy in Xoom Processor.

Deploy   ::= ServerName? ':'

ServerName defaults to localhost. To successfully deploy configuration, the buffer has to contain a XoomXML document, and you must use the --enable-set option.

Deploying a configuration patch to two Xoom servers

xp --enable-set patch.xml ( server1: response1.xml ) ( server2: response2.xml )

This command deploys XoomXML in the file patch.xml to two live Xoom servers: server1 and server2. After each deployment, the response is saved as response1.xml and response2.xml respectively. At the end of each subsequence the inner buffer containing the Xoom response is discarded, and the outer buffer with the initial source document, in this case patch.xml, becomes the buffer that is fed into further operations or subsequences.