Source specifies the XML document that will populate the buffer at the start of the command line sequence.

Railroad diagram for grammar entity Source Xoom Processor.

Source   ::= ServerName? ':' Query?
           | XmlFile
           | XoomFolder '\'
Source can be:
  1. Configuration retrieved from a live Xoom server using a named query. ServerName defaults to localhost and Query defaults to DEFAULT. The colon : is always required to distinguish query retrieval from file names. The specified named query is retrieved from the specified Xoom server and loaded into the buffer.
  2. An XML file. Most, but not all, operations require the file to be formatted as XoomXML.
  3. A Xoom folder ending with an obligatory '\' (backslash character). ConfigDir\ is an example. When used as a source, all files in the folder (and, recursively, its sub-folders) will be read and combined. All files must be in XoomXML format. If multiple files contain the same item, an error will be returned.

Retrieving and saving a named query

xp :All all.xml All\

Retrieves the All named query from the local Xoom server and saves the result in a file named all.xml and a Xoom folder named All.

Retrieving a named query with spaces in its name

xp "svr1:Logic Configuration" lc.xml

When a query name contains spaces, you need to put the whole source argument in double quotes. In this case, the query named Logic Configuration is retrieved from Xoom server svr1 and saved to a file named lc.xml.