Xoom server installation

Xoom installation consists of two parts: Xoom client and Xoom server. This topic contains notes for installing Xoom server.

Xoom server has to be installed on each machine running the Service Optimization instance that is to be managed by Xoom. If several servers are connected to the same database and Xoom is only going to be used to manage Service Optimization configuration, then Xoom server can be installed on just one of those servers. However, if Xoom is also going to be used to monitor installation files and other locally stored configuration information, then Xoom server needs to be installed on every Service Optimization server, regardless of the environment to which the server is connected.

Xoom server also requires a configured and running installation of Service Optimization to be present on the same machine.

Xoom server installation performs the following actions:

It is strongly recommended that all Xoom server installations include Xoom client as well in order to ensure that client tools are available locally on such machines.