Stages when deploying configuration with Service Optimization

When deploying configuration to Service Optimization, Xoom looks firstly for Scheme changes, and at SXP Object Reference, and secondly for Object changes.

  1. In stage one Xoom looks at the Scheme and SXP Object Reference of the target system.

    The Scheme identifies the Collections and Dictionaries that exist in configuration. It is also where Objects' Properties and Indexes are defined.

    Xoom identifies and deploys Scheme changes before Object changes. This is so it can compare like with like when deploying actual data and prevents bad references from being introduced into the database.

    Xoom uses SXP Object Reference to assign Xoom identities to Objects on the target system. This is how it is able to make a meaningful comparison between items in the XoomXML file and Objects in the target system.

  2. Once Scheme changes have been identified and deployed, Xoom analyses and deploys Object changes. Objects include: Dictionaries; Settings; Rules; Objectives; administrative User Settings; etc..