Subset types

Subset types are employed when it is useful to be able to address a subset of items of a particular type.

For example, in Service Optimization, the body of Settings contains a large collection of items, including Background Optimizations, Logic Domains, Decompositions and Agents, to name just four. Ordinarily, each of these items can be addressed as a generic Setting, for example Setting[[Application]|Background Optimization|Day BGO - 519|].

However, there are occasions where it desirable, say, to address just Background Optimization items. This is made possible by assigning them to a subset type, in effect giving them a second Xoom identity. Thus the above Setting can be assigned to subset type, Background Optimization, and referenced by the following Xoom identity: Background Optimization [Day BGO – 519].

Subset types do not appear in XoomXML and as far as users are concerned, they only matter in the following circumstances: