Xoom 3.6.2

This release includes various technical improvements, improved handling of sensitive information and a bug fix to cope with a Service Optimizationdatabase restart.


Sensitive information in the configuration

We have added a report – RemoveSensitiveInformation.xsl – that removes some sensitive information from XoomXML.
  • In Audit Definition setting we remove ConnectString attributes. These define the connection strings for various external connections.
  • In ClickForecast general settings we remove the connection strings of data sources.
  • In GIS providers list we remove passwords associated with GIS providers for various countries.
  • In Mapper destinations setting,we remove the password from destination credentials.

This report is intended primarily for configuration versioning, in cases where sensitive information should not be stored, but can also be used when transferring configuration to other environments that don't share authentication information with the source environment. In the latter case, the correct information will have to be added via other means (either an extra step during deployment, or manually).

Bug fixes