Why doesn't my dictionary appear in Settings Migration Tool?

Settings Migration Tool only shows Dictionaries that have an entry in SXP Object Reference.

If a Dictionary lacks an entry in Object Reference, Xoom has no way of assigning an Xoom identity to the Dictionary's items. Consequently the Dictionary won't appear in Settings Migration Tool. In the event that another setting references this unidentified Dictionary, Xoom defaults to Name, which is a reasonable assumption in most cases, but may be unjustified.

To remedy this :

  1. Use Service Optimization administration tools to define an SXP Object Reference entry for the Dictionary.
  2. Restart Xoom service to cause all Object References to be reloaded.
  3. Reload the configuration tree into Settings Migration Tool.
In this example you can see that the Object Reference for the dictionary RDDCodeReasons consists of two properties: Name and SourceSystemParent.

The Dictionary now appears in Settings Migration Tool and Xoom uses the Object Reference to identify its items.