Which Xoom client tool should I use to save configuration?

Each of Xoom client tools allow you to save configuration, but as each is tailored for different tasks, you should match the tool to your requirements.

I want to save configuration quickly

Xoom Console provides the simplest and quickest means of saving configuration. Retrieve predefined subsets of configuration with named queries. Choose whether or not to include dependencies.

I want to save my own selection of items

Settings Migration Tool is fully interactive and lets you retrieve and save just the items and dependencies you want. Use searches and filtering to select groups of items.

I want to explore configuration and/or generate reports

Use Xoom Explorer. Saving configuration is as simple as with Xoom Console, but Xoom Explorer allows you to fully explore configuration with XPath expressions and a built-in suite of reports.

I want to automate saving configuration

Use Xoom Processor, or set up configuration versioning using our dedicated script in combination with Windows Scheduler.