Compare configuration

Xoom provides several different means of comparing configuration. Choose the method that is appropriate to the task.

I want to compare configuration prior to deployment

Load your configuration changes (as XoomXML) into Settings Migration Tool where they will be automatically compared, with configuration on the target Xoom server. In this use case it would be unhelpful to know every difference, so Settings Migration Tool only shows items and Collections that have been added or changed in the XoomXML. It does not show items that have been deleted or those that remain the same.

I want to generate the minimum XoomXML file that will take me from one configuration to another

Use Xoom Processor. Its relative complement operator produces a minimum XoomXML file that, if deployed, will take you from one configuration to another. As Xoom does not delete Objects, the minimum XoomXML file only contains items or Collections that have been added or modified, not those that have been deleted.

I want to see every difference between two XoomXML files, including deleted items

A typical use case would be where you want to reset configuration to a baseline. Use Xoom Reset Helper, to generate an HTML report showing every difference between two XoomXML files.