Find unused items

Xoom Reporting allows you to find unreferenced items and inactive Agents in configuration, using, respectively, the Unreferenced Items report and the Active Schedule Agents report. Both can be generated using Xoom Explorer and Xoom Processor.

We recommend you run these reports as a regular part of configuration management, ideally using Configuration Versioning.
Note: In Service Optimization there are items that are intentionally unreferenced within configuration. For example, Agents Manager is unreferenced in configuration but is used by the code to trigger Agents. Given that the Unreferenced Items report lists all unreferenced items, judgement is required to determine which, if any, are problematic.
Generate the following reports using either Xoom Explorer or Xoom Processor.
  1. Retrieve the All named query.
    For the purposes of dependency analysis, you want to retrieve the most complete picture of configuration possible.
  2. Generate the Unreferenced Items report.
  3. Generate the Active Schedule Agents report
    Any referenced agents that are inactive are shown in red at the bottom of the report.