Undo a deployment or reset configuration to a baseline

The nature of deployment, in particular of Scheme changes, means that it is not possible to include simple 'undo' functionality in Xoom. However, it is possible to reset configuration using Xoom Reset Helper, provided you have a saved XoomXML snapshot of the desired, baseline state.

This obviously requires that you retrieve configuration regularly, and we recommend that you do so using Configuration Versioning. To reset configuration following an undesirable deployment, you will need to use Xoom Reset Helper.

To reset configuration to a baseline, perform the following steps:
  1. Make sure you have a XoomXML representation of both the current state of configuration and the desired, baseline state.
  2. Run Xoom Reset Helper upon these files. This will generate the artefacts needed to perform a reset: a report, a XoomXML file and an SXP message.
  3. Study the report to make sure all changes are as desired.
  4. Deploy the XoomXML file, which will deploy any items that have been added or modified.
  5. Deploy the SXP message, using Xoom Processor and its Send SXP custom command, to delete any items that have been removed.
  6. Verify the deployment.
Note: It is not possible to delete Collections using SXP messages, hence you cannot use Xoom Reset Helper to delete Collections.